Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Order

Money is allotted t0 the families at either the beginning of the year of at the beginning of each semester, depending on the charter school. The parent chooses what they will purchase and from where and submits the order to their ES, who turns it in, it is tagged when it comes in and then given to the families. Somethings are marked consumable, such as workbooks, art supplies, manipulatives, games and anything with many parts that could easily be lost. The rest of the items, which are mostly books, teacher resources, videos, CD's and audios are marked as nonconsumable and must be returned when the family leaves the school or whenever they are done with them.

I order some of the items on my own, ecspecially Christian things as these can't be purchased with school funds. I already have much of what I need for this year, so the list below is only part of what we will be using this year, but I thought I would share it to show the types of things that may be ordered. In addition to these things Aubrey will be taking drama, and Kamron violin with the school funds.

> Rainbow Resource> Blue Math Book 001186 $5> Flower Press 018080 $5.50> Understanding Time and Money, 024975 $11> Hermits Haven 026722 $21.95> Story of The World 3 031188 $43.50,> Good Queen Bess 026688 $13.25> Squanto 018371 $3.25> Linguafun 025460 $10.50> Rummy Roots 007729 $11.95> Latin’s Not So Tough 000736 $12.95,> Answer Key 000732 $3,> Flashcards 003265 $4,> CD 012662 $8> Wagner 002975 $3.50> Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage 005405 $6.95,> Mozarts Magic Flute 014096 $6.95,> Song of the Unicorn 005411 $6.95> LogicLinks 024188, $10.50> quoridor 000703,$25.50> Chanticleer and the Fox, 011784 $4.25> American Tall Tales Audio 026517, $7.50> Tell Me a Story, 010817 $7.50> Hank the Cowdog#1 020218, $3.95,> Children’s Spanish 034847, $48.50> Story of the World 1 025449, $39> Alice in Wonderland 013906 $14.95> Winnie the Pooh 014340 $24At the Back of the North Woods 034244 $13.95> Apples to Apples Junior 008837, $12.75> Dinosaur Mazes 020358. $6.50> Child Sized Masterpieces Level 3 003980, $11.95> Color your own art Masterpieces 023515, $6.75> Natureprint Paper 008774 $8.25> My First Sewing Book 020199 $12.25> Choo Choo Puzzle 012501 $6.95> Betsy-Tacy 026610 $4.75> $519.15

These from Recorded Books
1 - Caddie Woodlawn
Written By: Carol Ryrie Brink No one would accuse eleven-year-old Caddie Woodlawn of being dainty and ladylike. In spite of her mother’s best efforts, Caddie is as wild as the wind...
Unabridged Cassette (94215 - 5 Cassettes)
1 - King of the Wind
Written By: Marguerite Henry Generations of young readers continue to fall in love with Marguerite Henry’s “horse stories.” In one of her most famous, King of the Wind, the author...
Unabridged Cassette $29.75(93445 - 3 Cassettes)
1- Heidi
Written By: Johanna Spyri Orphaned at an early age, the young girl Heidi finds a home high in the Swiss Alps with her reclusive grandfather. There, each glorious day is filled ...
Unabridged Cassette (94710 - 8 Cassettes) $49.95

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