Thursday, July 06, 2006

Response From the Charter

Okay one thing I like about what is going on is the whole thing is working like it should. A school makes a decision the parent voices the concerns, the school changes or does not and then the parent is able to choose to stay or not and there are other schools to choose from that are set up to please the parents and in the long run the child wins and gets the best education. Everyone should have these options.

Below is their response and my reply.

Dear Melissa,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Rainbow Resource. I understand your concerns and want to assure you that the decision was not made in haste or without much thought. In fact, the problems with Rainbow Resource have been discussed for months. Countless staff hours were devoted to solving the problems of inappropriate materials being ordered, received and returned.However, the numerous problems continued and it became necessary to removethem from our list.

I hope that you will work with your ES and with our Curriculum Coordinator to find the materials that you need for your students. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.
LuAnn BooneExecutive Director

Dear LuAnn,
I am saddened by your response, as it shows a greater concern for yourselves than the students and parents. I have also spent countless hours researching the best materials for my students in each subject area and if I would have to find each item I need in a dozen different places it would take me countless more if it could be done at all, and I am not getting paid, while this is you job. But I will let those in the class I teach know along with the Sacramento Homeschoolers list and we will be moving on to a charter that is willing to put up with a little hassle for the much greater benefit of the students.


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