Friday, July 21, 2006

Sample Weekly Assignments

Here is a Sample weekly set of assignments for my suggested first grade for the first week.

Week 1

Copy 1 letter each day perfectly 6 times lowercase, then do the letters already learned this week 1 time. Do a,b,c,d this week
Work in Phonics Pathways for 15 minutes 4 days a week
Read 4 Little Books until the can be read perfectly
The Bible or Book of MormonListen to Introduction and Chapter 1 in Story of the World, have the child narrate Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "The Sword of Damocles" (Greek)Parables from Nature: "A Lesson of Faith"Aesop's Fables: "The Wolf and the Kid" (pg. 7 in the version illustrated by Milo Winter) and "Tortoise and the Ducks" (pg. 8 in the version illustrated by Milo Winter)Just So Stories: "Whale"A Child's Garden of Verses: a poem every dayPaddle to the Sea: chapters 1 and 2 On map Label and color Lake Nipigon, draw a tiny log cabin on the east side, draw the mountains around the lake. Label and color Canada
Do Math each day
Go on a nature walk and bring home something to draw into your nature journal
Draw in nature journal
Read 4 chapters from Peter Pan
Begin to learn hymn, sing songs the children know
Recite poem and scripture you are learning
Jumpstart Spanish or Spanish video for 15 minutes each day
Daily piano practice. I suggest about 7 minutes of focused time and the rest just playing around on the piano, creating songs and such.
Close your eyes and listen to Piano Concerto 20 by Mozart or get up and dance to it
Begin sewing a swamp creature puppet
Play a critical thinking game
Do 2 pages from either Lollipop Logic or Dr. DoRiddle
Have child look at a painting until they think they know it and then hide the painting and ask them to describe it, keep asking for more details until the child can give no more and then show them the painting and see how much the got, you can look at if you want to extend this study
Read from the Friend
Do something physically active each day
Watch 1 episode from Calvert Melody Lane

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