Monday, June 19, 2006


One thing that is great about having a large family is that we get to watch the adorableness of a variety of little children with a variety of personalities. They are all so precious. I have intended for a long time to write down all of those cute things they say, but I must admit that I don't as often as I should. So I thought I would take a minute and write down a few.

Brennen, 2yos, came into the office yesterday and went to climb on the handles of the treadmill and said, "Look at me, I'm on the banana bars." Then he paused a minute and looked thoughtful and said, "I mean, monkey bars."

We went visiting at the primary president's house, who was unaware that we homeschool year round. She asked Kamron, 7yos, "So how is your summer vacation going?" He looked at her with a very confused expression. "Am I having a summer vacation? I did not know that's what this was." That would be a long visit indeed!

Aubrey, 6yod, said this morning, "Mom, do you think it will be bothersome when I grow up and am ready to get married?"
"No," I answerered, "I think it will be all right. "
"I think it will be bothersome, " she said. "There will be so many boys who want to marry me, and I just don't know who I will pick. I will have to do eeny-meeny-miney-moe or something."

6-30-06 Aubrey played like she was riding in a carriage today. She pulled a child sized bench into the family room with her stick horses where she convinced Brennen to be the driver and she sat back and relaxed. When it came time for the kids to clean up she started grunting and looking like she was going to complain that it was too heavy, so I told her not to complain because I knew she could move the bench as she had moved it in. She said, "I used play muscles to bring it in, but when I clean up the rooms I'm in charge of I use different muscles and they're not as strong."

7-4-06 We were getting ready to leave Nanny's and Pappa's after fireworks when Nanny offered Brennen a strawberry. I told him he could take one and she put the bowl in front of him. He reached in and took out one saying, "one strawberry." He then very carefully laid it next to him on the table and then reached in again and took another saying, "one strawberry." Then another, "one strawberry." After doing this a couple more times he looked up and said with another strawberry in his hand, "I have one strawberry."

7-7-06 My pregnant sister-in-law was over and Brennen began to rough house. She stopped him and said, "Don't jump on me because I have a baby in here." He stopped and almost reverently touched her belly and looked up and said, "Is it a baby dinosuar?"

7-15-06 Aubrey had some friends over today and the older sister caught a fly in a cup. Aubrey said if she was going to keep it as a pet she needed to put air holes in the plastic wrap. The girl said she didn't want it to live, and Aubrey replied, "Good then we can dissect it, after it dies, and see what's on the inside." That's Aubrey our bug and guts queen.

7-21-06 I was just talking to Brennen and he goes, "I love my person Daddy." Then after a few minutes he says, "when I get bigger and bigger I will be a Daddy. I love my beautiful Daddy."

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