Saturday, June 24, 2006

Great Grandpa's Birthday

I finally downloaded the pictues from Great Grandpa's Birthday which was a barn dance in my sister-in-laws barn, two months ago. We also watched a film my husband put together of Grandpa's life. What you don't see is the pregnant mare that was due that day. She didn't seem to mind the music though.
After awhile even all the mommy's, aunt's and Grandma's danced, only a couple of the men ever did get out there, but they enjoyed watching. Aubrey absolutely loves these dances, she likes to be where everyone can see her and really wants to have the best moves=). Brennen got really into it too, but all of the pictures of him just look like he is running around in circles, which he was. Kamron and his boy cousins were playing in the fields and were not inclined to come into the barn except to eat. The two singing are my brother- and sister-in-laws. They are each in a band, one plays all orignal works while the other plays well known songs and they rarely sing together, but they did a couple of songs for the audience of mostly family.

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