Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I do the Relief Society Newsletter in my ward and I found a quote for it this last month that I liked.

“Get a notebook, my young folks, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity,” President Spencer W. Kimball.
Isn't that a delightful picture. The angels sitting around teaching and someone asks a question and the angel says, "Well, let's look and see what Sister_____ did in that situation. Here we go the 46th page of her fourth journal says..." I think by picturing that, it can really show how important each of our lives are and how much they may relate and touch another person. I think most people like to learn about other people and ecspecially like to find out what someone has done when faced with a similair trial that they may have. It gives us strength. That is a little what blogging is like.

Blogging is a journal that you open up for others to see and learn from, allowing them to see an example of what you have done, which may be ecspecially beneficial for someone who is trying to live a life very different from the one that they were raised in or who has few examples of the life they want around them. What we must be careful of I think are those assumptions that the person we are reading about has it all together, and are better than us. Most people don't write down their faults. I may allude to the fact that my home is hardly ever spotlessly clean, my kids do fight, my dinners rarely come off well, and I snapped at my husband last week, but it will be extremely rare, and not neccessarily because the occurances are rare. After all I don't want those things handed down, so unless they make a point or I have learned a special lesson from them I often won't share them. I share the parts of myself that are good and I hope will help readers, and even things that I hope will some day help my children which is why I always have journaled. One thing it does for me is help me focus on the positive things and then I find that I have more of them. I will be completely selfish now and tell you that I enjoy writing for me. I hope others may read and benefit, but deep down it is for me.

I think in the end that is okay, because even God told the kings of Isreal to keep a record of their doings so that they could go back read from it, remember and learn. It wasn't for sharing with others or to make a record of their history. It was to be each kings journal for himself. I am sure that kings would go back and read the journals of those before them and be benefitted by the growth, and examples-but the prupose was for the king himself who was writing it.

I offer this blog as one voice and one example, but in the end I want it to be a record that I may go back and read and be proud of where I've been and who I am.

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