Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Thought

A brother in my Sunday School class last week made the comment that he sometimes feels that when he critizes a behaviour in another person there is something in him that begins to develop that behaviour. I have been thinking about that all week and think that it would apply the other way too. If one were to point out the beautiful and good behaviours of those around us, we would develop those things also.

"I love how she smiles. Isn't that sweet the way he just instictively hugs his child. That couple is always so kind to each other. She is so wise. Her lessons are so fun to be apart of."

All of these things when genuinely appreciated can help us to look for ways that we are sweet, kind, caring. And I think that every time we see a good quality in ourselves and thank God that we are capable of such goodness, even with all of our faults, that that quality gets to take a bit deeper root.

My ramblings for today=).

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